We have a lot going on here with our permaculture fruit and nut orchard counting 400 + fruit trees with over100 different apple varieties and over 30 different pear varieties as well as plums, cherries, peaches and apricots all interplanted with nitrogen fixers such as seaberries and honeylocust. For understory plants so far we are using currants, gooseberries, strawberries and comfrey. It is all a bit of a food jungle with lots of medicinal wild flowers but in its early stages so not producing food yet. The fruit orchard started as small rootstock that we grafted in 2017. Back then we did some earthworks, swaling the land on contour and brought in lots of woodchips. We just added a few more acres of hybrid hazelnuts and chestnuts this year interplanted with asparagus and seaberries. In addition to that, we have a swimming pond that is feed with rain water collected from the roof of my off-grid passive solar straw bale house. The pond has become an amazing oasis for wildlife and the best place to cool off on hot summer days. Last Fall we were able to build a large greenhouse for the purpose of growing food in the winter without heat and it has worked pretty well so far. There is also our vegetable garden, our berry patch and our newly established shiitake log production and wine cap beds which are booming with mushroom right now.

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