Sylvan Oasis is a Permaculture and agritourism site that functions as an incubator for a number of educational, farm, and artistic projects. Our location at the edge of the Village of Trumansburg consists of two different contexts: the suburban landscape and an early succession woodland. The land is home to Of the Forest Farm, a small market garden, tree nursery, and mushroom yard. Rooms in the 1880s farmhouse are rented out on Airbnb, and we serve guests breakfast with local ingredients. The 3-acre woodland (an old abandoned hayfield) is slowly being transformed into a food forest. Sylvan Oasis is a growing intentional community with four residents. We have hosted a number of workshops and aspire to continue to form an educational space that can enrich our community’s understanding of regenerative living and eating, and to encourage others to integrate what they’ve learned into their everyday lives. We collaborate closely with our neighbors, sharing fun, tools and resources, and work together as a neighborhood to grow food and build community.

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