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Three Story Farm is in its second year of operation. In 2018 we began the process of converting an abandoned hayfield into a productive landscape by installing a water management system and planting 1000 chestnuts and 1500 hazelnuts. This year we started planting low maintenance fruit trees and shrubs along the berms and took the first steps in establishing a nursery to provide some short term income sources while waiting for the nut crops to come into production. Come hear our plans for gradually planting out our acreage and incorporating livestock into our operation. And finally, come see how water drives the system, how the water coursing through our system of swales and berms after every heavy rain has reinvigorated the landscape, providing moisture for our crop plants as well as enhanced habitat for wildlife and water-loving plants.


08/24 @ 9:00 [20 avail]
08/24 @ 10:30 [23 avail]
08/24 @ 12:00 [17 avail]
08/25 @ 9:00 [19 avail]